Art Guild
of  HOPE

"Working To Stimulate Interest In The Appreciation Of All Visual Arts"
Exhibiting Members of The Art Guild of Hope
Eligible work includes 3D sculpture, Paintings - all medias, Pastels, Drawings,
Printmaking, Mixed Media, Photography (no computer art), Pottery (handmade) Jewelry
(handmade), textiles, glass art.  No commercially created items.  All artist's work
exhibited by the Guild must be 'Family Friendly'.  When Artisan (Exhibiting) member's
work is sold by the Guild in the Online Gallery or a Guild sponsored event or tent, the
Member agrees to give the Guild a 10% commission fee from the sale(s).  

If you are interested in becoming a
member of the Art Guild of Hope, email bio and
pictures of your work to:
Art Guild of Hope Gallery
645 Harrison Street
(On the East Side of Hope Square)
Hope, Indiana 47246