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Jeff Jackson
Riffles II  16"x 20"
Oil on Canvas 18 x 24
Colored Pencil 13 x 12
Columbus Courthouse  -  Colored pencil
14 x 21.5
Four Silos
22 x 28
Four Peaks, Arizona
18 x 24
Day Lilies
Oil on Canvas   20" x 16"
Boat & Cattails
16" x 20" Oil on Canvas
Jeff Jackson has always drawn pictures for as long as he can remember.
There wasn’t a school notebook that wasn’t covered with drawings
of…well, just about everything. It’s always been a method of
communication and expression. After 30 years at a large printing
company, art has once again become Jeff's main interest and, hopefully,
will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Jeff's belief is that everyone has a God-given talent in something. But a
talent, like most anything worthwhile, requires work to develop. Jeff
states, "I suppose that is where I am now, working and learning as I go.
Every painting teaches me something of a technical nature about
painting and that’s where the excitement is found. Joy, on the other
hand, is found in bringing delight to someone else through a pleasant
memory or emotion conveyed by a piece of artwork."

Jeff studied art at Franklin College under Luigi Crispino, graduating in
1986 with a BA in Fine Arts. He can be contacted at home at 812-546-
1028 for pricing of original artwork from stock as well as discussing
custom work. Jeff Jackson's art can also be seen on his website www. . High quality prints on canvas or acid-free paper
can be ordered from Jeff or directly at
Riffles Above Anderson Falls - 20" x 16"
Morning Repairs
28" x 22"
Morning Path
20" x 16"
Construction Project
18" x 24"
Art Guild
of  HOPE