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Paul Hendrickson
Paul Hendrickson's painting career began in 1969 at a green and white formica/chrome kitchen table in a
dimly lit kitchen.  Soon after, the Hendrickson's moved into their new home and Paul got a corner of the
garage as his studio.  Until then, his last art experience had been in an eighth grade art class.

"My self-taught art career started with oils.  After a few years, I discovered watercolors. In between these 2
mediums, I played with pastels and acrylics.  But I always return to watercolors.

Not being able to "draw", I never drew much at all.  I could not "draw" a straight line.  After experimenting, I
decided that I didn't have to "draw a straight line".  I am not an architect so "who cares" was my new attitude
and motto.  I have been drawing now for several years.  I use ink and pencils, sometimes enhancing with
watercolor.  I do watercolors, sometimes enhancing with ink. "

Paul's loose, fast style of doing pen and ink lends itself well to his drawing of clients' homes and historical
buildings.  The home drawings are very impressionistic but striking when finished.  Paul can do home drawings
from good photos, but prefers to work outside, on location, which Paul believes adds to the drawing to see
what is around and to hear the sounds of the area.

Paul Hendrickson is a member of the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, which he joined because he
prefers painting and drawing outside.  On trips to Sarasota, Florida, Paul is out on North Lido Beach every
morning drawing and painting for hours, enjoying the solitude.  In Indiana, Paul draws in Indianapolis,
Nashville, Madison, Porter's Bridge and any place that has old brick buildings (his favorite).

In addition to all the IPAPA paint-outs, Paul participates in several shows including the Brown County Winter
Art Fair and Abe Martin Winter Show in Nashville, Indiana; the Masterpiece in a Day and Big Car Gallery in
Fountain Square, Outsider Art Show at Midland Art and Antiques, Utrillo's Art all in Indianapolis, Indiana, and
the Indiana Downs Art Fest in Shelbyville, Indiana.  Paul's work can be found year round in the Brown County
Craft Gallery in Nashville, Indiana.  In Florida, Paul is represented at the Limetree Gift Shop on Lido Beach.  
Paul's stylized flags on canvas have been shown at the Dean Johnson Gallery, the Midland Outsider Show and
the Brown County Craft Gallery.  Paul has taught workshops for the Shelby Arts Council at the Grover
Museum in Shelbyville.  Paul conducts "one on one" art workshops plein air at his studio.

Paul Hendrickson maintains a studio/gallery at Flat Rock, Indiana; visits by appointment. In addition to the

For any special requests for originals (home drawings, stylized flags, etc.) or prints (subject to quantity
discount) please contact Paul by e-mail
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